About the Company

La Compagnie Traversière is a French theatre company dedicated to the art of puppetry (for adults!) which creates shows internationally. Lead by artistic director Julia Yevnine, la Compagnie Traversière has presented productions in various countries in Europe and Latina America, as well as in Rwanda, the United Kingdom, and Lebanon.

Defying language and cultural barriers, the company aims at producing devised shows that question contemporary issues, challenging social taboos present in various societies, in a daring, entertaining and visually striking way.

Using the puppetry as a fun and powerful art, la Compagnie Traversière also offers puppetry workshops. Click here for more details.

Our history:

« La rue Traversière commence dans l’incertitude étoilée d’un carrefour. » – Louis Marin
(Traversière Street starts in the star-shaped uncertainty of a crossroad.)

It all began on Traversière Street, a Parisian street whose name embodies the beginning of the adventure quite well… An adventure full of paths, of crossroads and crossed destinies.
Traversière in French means: that which traverses, goes through; also what’s transversal or irregular; it also refers to a shortcut away from the mainstream.
All this suits the company quite well!

Created in 2008 by a collective of artists, la Compagnie Traversière was first an interdisciplinary platform at the crossroad of arts, combining fine arts, storytelling and physical theatre. Since 2017, the company has changed its direction and has embarked more specifically on the road of the art of puppetry.

Julia Yevnine, Artistic Director

An actress, puppeteer, puppet maker, director and facilitator, she works internationally. She has collaborated with companies in Greece, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Switzerland, Rwanda, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Chile, and Argentina.

Living between France and the UK for many years, she has co-founded a company in each of these countries: Theatre Témoin in the UK, and Compagnie Traversière in France, working as an artistic director for the latter.

She trained in physical theatre at the Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris and at LISPA (London international School of Performing Arts) in London. She discovered the art of puppetry later, in 2011, which was a huge blow in her mind, and she has been building up experience in that field ever since.

photo Pierre Rambault-HansLucas

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