Magdalena – A One Puppet Show




Magdalena is an old lady. She is chic, mischievous and, in fact, she is an anarchist. She knows quite well that the end being around the corner, better to enjoy fully the present moment.


Whether as a speaker, a poker player or a IT  (un)expert, Magdalena speaks about our times in a fanciful, unexpected and very liberated way, making us reflecting about life, and particularly about certain taboos, without filters and with a lot of humour, a sort of stand-up where everyone ends up laughing with her.


Magdalena could be anyone’s grandmother or mother, and perhaps that’s why it’s impossible to resist her charms.


With this puppet show for adults, Julia Yevnine creates a piece that questions current social problems from a lucid, poetic and funny perspective, starring from the gaze of an endearing and uninhibited old woman.




From and with Julia Yevnine
Puppet making: Julia Yevnine
Set design: Gabriela Faundez Frugone, Marcelo Arenas Castillo
Light design: Sebastian Ríos, Gabriela Gonzalez



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