Magdalena, a one puppet show


Magdalena is an old lady. She is chic, mischievous and absolutely irresistible. She knows quite well that the end being around the corner, better to enjoy fully the present moment. She likes eating avocados, drinking rum and playing. She also likes to address directly to the audience, even sometimes inviting someone with her on stage. In turn speaker, poker player or IT expert, she speaks about our times in a fanciful, unexpected and very liberated way. Thus she deals with topics such as senior sex life, the uneasiness caused by ultra fast technology, or the frequent abuses the gullible elderly are to often victims of. Delightful and unpredictable, no one can resist her charms.

A human-size puppet, the character of Magdalena is manipulated with fine details and subtlety by the puppeteer, who sometimes disappears and sometimes plays as her grand-daughter, creating a delightful illusion of the proper life of the old lady.

Because of the topics and the type of manipulation, Magdalena, a One Puppet Show aims more at an adult audience (and children from 12).


From and with Julia Yevnine
Puppet making: Julia Yevnine
Set design: Gabriela Faundez Frugone, Marcelo Arenas Castillo
Light design: Céline Balestra



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