Algún día, todo esto será tuyo

[One day, all this will be yours]


“On ferme les yeux des morts avec douceur;
c’est aussi avec douceur qu’il faut ouvrir les yeux des vivants.” 
Jean Cocteau
[The eyes of the dead are closed with softness;
It’s also with softness that we have to open the eyes of the living]

“Algún día todo esto será tuyo” covers a simple, delicate and difficult issue to deal with on stage, and in life in general: Death. The one that gives us a shiver along the spine, the end that awaits us all…

Avoiding the melancholic ton, the show explores different aspects of the inevitable, with tenderness and laughter, as if to make it more acceptable. Going through different poetical spaces, we encounter with Death itself, a father of a little one to whom he is desperately and unsuccessfully trying to teach the laborious job that awaits him. We also follow the livings, the ageing ones. Hipolito, a lonely old man living in the city of Valparaiso, taken away in the most sudden and unpredictable way, just like can death appear; and then appear Humberto, a messy 68 years-old man, and Magdalena, an eccentric 85 old lady, whose fortuitous encounter at the funerals of an older one  will lead to a happy story, if not of love, at least of a lot of laughter.

Through a palette of touching and likeable characters, “Algún día todo esto será tuyo” tickles the mind with a delicious – and sometimes dark – sense of humour, and gives death the opportunity to make us enjoy life a bit more.

Presented by La Compagnie Traversière and Lupa, Compañía de Muñecos (Tandil, Argentina), and received the support of Instituto Nacional de Teatro of Argentina.


Devised and performed by Julia Yevnine and Eugenio Deoseffe
Puppet and set design: Julia Yevnine and Eugenio Deoseffe
Music: Julia Yevnine and Eugenio Deoseffe

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