Magdalena – A One Puppet Show

Magdalena is an old lady. She is chic, mischievous and, in fact, she is an anarchist. She knows quite well that the end being around the corner, better to enjoy fully the present moment.

Algún día, todo esto será tuyo

“Algún día todo esto será tuyo” covers a simple, delicate and difficult issue to deal with on stage, and in life in general: Death. The one that gives us a shiver along the spine, the end that awaits us all…

The Caravan

The Caravan is an innovative street theatre project to fight discrimination and violence against Syrian population living in Lebanon.


Through a patchwork of tableaux presenting various situations engaging with everyday acts of cruelty, three actors-puppeteers will invite the audience to look into a twisted mirror of our own humanity.

The Fantasist

Spinning together puppetry, physical theatre and original music, la Compagnie Traversière explore the murky depths and glorious heights of bipolar disorder.

Théâtre au Rwanda-Tissage d’histoires


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