How does a person become a persecutor? What makes humans capable of unbearable cruelty towards their own kinds? What are the different factors that can lead to a cruel behaviour? And to what extent are we – the sane, educated, stable people – sure to never act with cruelty?

Through a patchwork of tableaux presenting various situations engaging with everyday acts of cruelty, three actors-puppeteers will invite the audience to look into a twisted mirror of our own humanity. Using a large range of characters, at time buffoon-like, elegant, absurd, hilarious or disturbing, this darkly funny puppetry piece revels in the side of human nature that society is most squeamish to talk about.

Mixing childlike playfulness of clap-mouth characters with the visceral darkness of body-based theatre, Traversière creates a jarring world, questioning our own and personal darkness…

CRUEL was developed and presented at the Everyman Theatre (Cheltenham, UK) and at the Little Angel Theatre (London, UK) in 2014.


Devising Cast: Julia Correa, Teeli Uustani, Nicholas Anscombe
Director: Julia Yevnine
Assistant Director: Juan Ayala
Producer: Patrick Collier
Puppet design: Julia Yevnine

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